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Get the BEST in Digital Infrastructure
for Your Town, City, BID, or Chamber

Help your community fulfill the Buy Local promise by making it easy for them to shop local.

Your Digital Main Street and Community Gift Card ensure your town’s real-world future.

Complete dot-town Website

Our premium offering
$ 9,999 includes first year Managed Hosting
  • Links to businesses in town
  • Moderated Help Wanted ads
  • Community Group links
  • Town-wide Gift Card
  • 300% Carbon Offset
  • Rollout Strategy
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Chamber Super-Site

Become a Super Chamber with our Super-Site!
$ 4,999+ includes first year Managed Hosting
  • Members highlighted in listings
  • Online Paid Membership System
  • Publish Chamber News Online
  • Chamber Events Calendar
  • dot-town website included
  • Marketing Assets included


Answers to your questions about our websites and our full-service hosting plan.

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Connect your community. Turbocharge your local business base. Skyrocket your Chamber membership. Serve as the platform for low-cost, powerful digital upgrades for local businesses. And more!

Just $1,499 per year for Managed Web Hosting, including full Support and regular content updates.

Our RAD framework means we can usually deliver your website in FOUR WEEKS or less, from Dev Start to Launch.

  • Live Customer Support via phone or text 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Friday.
  • 24x7x365 Online Support System 
  • Moderated Posting (Help Wanted ads)
  • Weekly Content Updates included

Our Chamber features include a full website with paid Membership, Chamber Events Calendar with ticket sales, News, Member Directory, Ad Network, Gift Card, and more.

Feature Add-Ons are mini-websites that provide you specific features. Like a new Online Membership Payments & Renewals system you can link to from your existing website. Other Feature Add-Ons include Chamber Events and News, as well as Gift Cards. 

Your website also serves as the platform for the best in today’s cost-effective digital upgrades, from ecommerce to smart appointments.

By centralizing access to a town’s full business offerings, job and volunteer opportunities, and community organizations, we connect your community to help it fulfill the Buy Local promise.